Unlocking the therapeutic potential of lasso peptides...

Addressing unmet medical needs 

Cancer, autoimmunity, pain and inflammation, G protein-coupled receptors, ion channels.  Many serious diseases and important disease targets remain poorly treated with existing methods.

Size matters to biology

Many receptors in the body bind to ligands, such as hormones, growth factors, chemokines, and cytokines that look nothing like antibodies or small molecules. 

A new approach




Lasso peptides are bridging the therapeutic gap between these two dominant modalities through a new tunable 3D scaffold that recently was found by our team to be widely distributed in nature.

Lassogen in a nutshell

  • Advanced synthetic biology platform, which  provides...

  • Infinite lasso peptide diversity, which offers...

  • Novel therapeutics targeting difficult receptors, which enables...

  • A new approach to treating cancer and beyond...

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